Practical Magic (1998)

tumblr_nsw2kktpxf1tachjlo1_1280October 1998   Ι   1h 44min   Ι   Griffin Dunne

Sally and Gillian are two sisters who, just like their ancestors, can use magic. Their mother created a curse so that no one could break her heart which means that every time they fall in love, the man will die. Sally is heartbroken after the love of her life died and Gillian is in a toxic relationship that will soon haunt them. The two sisters have to deal with Gillian’s guy, and Sally may run into her true love along the way. 

Did someone order a strange movie with extra weirdness on top? I really don’t know what I just watched, this movie is so weird. I thought this would be a romantic movie with a twist (and the twist would be the whole witch thing).  It was not much magic in it and the magic that actually occurred was strange and just over the top unrealistic. I would say the plot was a bit messy and all over the place as well. I did however like the beginning, it was very informative and interesting.

So the main reason why I wanted to watch Practical Magic was because of Sandra Bullock, who plays the main character Sally. I adore Sandra Bullock, she is an amazing actress but I have to say that this wasn’t one of her best moments. Although, I do think the plot is to blame for because of that. Nicole Kidman is also one of the main characters (Gillian) and she was really good. Her character stood out more and felt more unique. The movie was overall very messy and a lot of characters just popped up now and then. The story wasn’t that coherent and not very entertaining either. Even though I love Sandra Bullock, I have to say that this is a movie I can live without.

My rating: 4/10 🧙‍♀️



10 thoughts on “Practical Magic (1998)

  1. I loved this movie when I was younger, but I tried rewatching it again. You’re right, it doesn’t really hold up. (Still loved it for nostalgia’s sake, though!)

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  2. Oh that’s so hard… Maybe The Proposal or Two Weeks Notice. Do you have any favorite Sandra Bullock movie? 🙂


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