It’s Complicated (2009)

its-complicated-54aaad829a74bDecember 2009   Ι   2h   Ι   Nancy Meyers

Sometimes “till death do us apart” is a promise that can not be kept and that is the case for the mother of three grown children Jane. However, after being the wife who has been cheated on she becomes the mistress, to her ex husband. It’s an emotional roller coaster and it’s definitely complicated.

I’ve seen this movie a couple of times and I decided to watch it again quite recently. I had no memory of it being located in Santa Barbara and it was really cool for me to see that since I’m currently living there. I mean, the amount of movies I see that are located where I’m from in Sweden are approximately zero. The environment is also very beautiful and I believe the location really suited the movie.

It’s Complicated is quite a hilarious and entertaining movie with a great cast. Meryl Streep is absolutely brilliant and I just love her. Her performances are always solid and I can nothing but like whatever she does. Alec Baldwin was also very good, maybe not the most likable character but his acting was great.

When it comes to the story I have to say that I do have a slight problem with cheating and also love triangles. It’s just so wrong when people cheat and I know it might be entertaining but it truly gives out the wrong signals. Please don’t cheat. The whole love triangle thing is also very difficult for me because I always feel so sorry for the person who gets their heart broken. It’s too sad.

Overall I have to say that the movie is very enjoyable and just really chill to watch. I think Meryl Streep is amazing and the movie is worth watching just because of her.

My rating: 6.5/10



Justice League (2017)

maxresdefault1November 2017   Ι   2h   Ι   Zack Snyder

What do you do when the world is being attacked by flying monsters? Well you assemble a team of gifted people of course. Here’s the Avengers!! Oh shit sorry, wrong movie. Here’s Justice League. The five superheroes have to work together as a team to defeat the common enemy, the crazy Steppenwolf. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Ah wrong movie again…

My excitement for Justice League has been very up and down. I feel like I went in with a bit of a blind side as well because I didn’t really know what the movie was about. I did really enjoy the movie but just like many DC Comics movies, it was pretty gloomy. Considering what had happened in Batman V Superman, the movie started of quite dark. This is totally okay but at least I would like the movie to become a little brighter and happier as it moves on and that is something DC Comic movies are lacking in my opinion.

We did get introduced to the lovely Flash which was fantastic and he did actually lighten up the mood a lot. Now I’m very attached to the TV-show The Flash and Grant Gustin, and even if Ezra Miller did a great job, I still prefer Grant. I’m sorry Ezra.

I liked how Diana stepped in and took some kind of leadership, I think that suits her a lot. Seeing Aquaman and Cyborg was very fun and exciting too. I liked them both and I knew very little of Cyborg so it was nice to see him in action and how he is. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of them both.

When it comes to the story and the villain Steppenwolf I have to say that I actually liked him. Not like “oh I love how you want to kill people and take over the world” but more like an entertaining and rather cool villain. Overall I honestly have to say that the movie was rather enjoyable and I could see myself watching it again.

My rating: 6.5/10


The Greatest Showman (2017)

maxresdefault1December 2017   Ι   1h 45min   Ι    Michael Gracey

In a time where being different is a disgrace, P.T. Barnum has an idea to put them in the spotlight and show the world how fantastic they are. With the support of his family, Barnum decides to put up a show no one will forget. However, will Barnum be satisfied with the bad reputation he receives?

I’m almost speechless. This is a fantastic movie, I even watched it twice, and I didn’t even know it was a musical when I first was about to watch it. What impressed me the most was definitely the cinematography and the music, so freaking good. Its beautiful contrasts between light and dark which works so well with the story.

Hugh Jackman is and will always be brilliant. His voice is amazing and the way he acted was so good. His character Barnum was really interesting to follow and I really liked his energy. Zac Efron, the one and only childhood crush, did a fantastic job as well, his voice is also amazing. We also have some brilliant people like Rebecca Ferguson (who is and played a Swede which I’m always proud of), Keala Settle, Sam Humphrey and plenty more.

Watching The Greatest Showman was like watching a circus or something similar. The music and the shows were definitely the best parts. Something that might have been lacking a bit is the story. Not the most eventful or interesting story, quite predictable and something recognizable but nevertheless a good story. The cast, the music and the performances are making up for it all. Amazing movie.

My rating: 8.8/10