Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

maxresdefaultMarch 2018   Ι   1h 51min   Ι   Steven S. DeKnight

Jake Pentecost is the son of the famous Mr. Pentecost who saved the world and died in the battle. When he gets into trouble, Jake is sent back to lead Jaeger pilots in case the aliens comes back but he and the troops are unexpectedly facing the creatures they once thought they defeated. This is Jake’s moment to show himself what a hero he can be.

I might have made a bad mistake of watching this movie and not having seen the first Pacific Rim in quite a while, well a couple of years. So I did have my question mark moments. Well what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (however that works in this context). Nevertheless, Pacific Rim: Uprising did not let me down. I might have to start with saying that I loved the first Pacific Rim movie and I love these robot fighting movies where the humans are the ones fighting in the robots, that’s my style.

The story was maybe not top-notch, it had some predictable moments and it was a little bit dull but other than that I have to say that the characters really impressed me, the visual effects were awesome and the overall movie was intriguing. Jake Pentecost was such a funny and interesting character to follow and I really enjoyed watching him. Seeing him with Nate (who I do not remember, have we ever seen him before or am I just behind in life?) was quite funny. Liked the girl Amara Namani too.

Overall an enjoyable movie and it was my cup of tea. I can imagine other people liking different stuff but I found this movie to be very entertaining and interesting. I’ve also been waiting for so long for a sequence to the first Pacific Rim movie so I’m very happy.

My rating: 7/10



Ready Player One (2018)

ready-player-one-new-poster-1March 2018   Ι   2h 20min   Ι   Steven Spielberg

When the real world isn’t enough, one human being created the OASIS. A virtual reality world where people can be any character they want. When the master mind of the world dies, he leaves a mission to find three keys and the person who wins will inherit the OASIS and all the money that comes with it, and the young man Wade decides to do whatever it takes to win.

I was so excited for this movie because it looked so freaking cool and I can’t really say that I am disappointed, maybe just a tad. It’s a really cool movie and the graphics and visual effects are stunning. However, it was too much animation compared to the real world. I thought we would see the main character Wade more in his real life, not virtual life. It was really cool to see his character in the OASIS (the virtual reality world) and I do understand that his character there might be more important or can do much more than Wade himself can do. I just believe the movie would have been better if he got to see some personal things or see something from his childhood that connects us more to him.

Other than that, I just have to say that the movie was really interesting. The mission to find the 3 keys was intriguing and I loved following the journey to finding the clues and figuring out the next step. Could the movie have been shorter? Well, probably. Did I still enjoy it? Most definitely. The main characters were really interesting and charismatic as well and I really liked them all. The villain was a bit dull but I’ll buy it, he did an okay job.

Overall I have to say that the movie was really cool and unique and I enjoyed watching it. Not the biggest fan of gaming or gaming movies but this one was definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen. It was however too long for me and that’s probably a reason why I wouldn’t pick this movie to watch again.

My rating: 6.8/10


Black Panther (2018)

black-panther-quad-posterJanuary 2018    Ι   2h 14min   Ι   Ryan Coogler

After his father’s death, T’Challa becomes the new leader and it’s his duty to protect his tribe as Black Panther. When an outsider comes to challenge him, T’Challa is thrown off guard and loses his power. In order to take back what once was his, he and his family has to ask the enemy for help.

After Civil War I was so excited to see this mysterious character dressed in black. The trailers looked absolutely stunning, so I was more than excited for this movie. After seeing it, I have to say that it was absolutely okay but not as fantastic as I thought it would be.

The graphics, environment and overall visuals were great and everything basically looked stunning. I believe it was the story that put me a little  bit off guard. It was quite interesting but there were some characters I questioned what they were doing there and the story had some tedious moments as well as some confusing scenes that didn’t quite have a purpose.

Having said this, I still enjoyed most part of the movie. It just felt too long. Other than that I have to say that the main characters Black Panther, Nakia, Okoye and Shuri were brilliant and I liked them all. Not knowing how Black Panther is in the comic books, I still have to say that Chadwick Boseman did a great job. It’s an overall interesting movie with comedy, action and love. I found it to be really cool and most of the time enjoyable and it’s definitely a movie I am going to watch again.

My rating: 7.5/10