This is me!


Hi, Hallo, Hej, Hola, Bonjour…!

I’m a 19 year old girl from Sweden (and no we do not have polar bears walking around the streets, but it would be cool though). I wanted to start this blog because I want to share my opinions when it comes to movies. I do love (even that word feels too weak) watching movies and I though this would be a fun thing to do! I also love watching series, photography and going to the cinema. I absolutely adore Amanda Seyfried, Matt Smith, Anne Hathaway and Theo James, such marvelous actors. Doctor Who, Superheroes, Hobbits, happy endings and Star Wars are according to me the best thing in the world, oh and of course chocolate, I worship chocolate!

I think it is good to get another opinion than IMDB’s and I really hope you will like my blog. I am however not just going to post reviews, I am going to make the blog a bit more personal and fun by posting new trailers, funny quotes and maybe some personal things as well. May the force be with this blog, and remember that you can’t spell marvelous without MARVEL!

*Remember that the reviews often are based on my opinions!

*(#2) The pictures I’m using are from google!


57 thoughts on “This is me!

  1. I know you don’t have polar bears in the streets. We do…. though not in Toronto.. (The bears are in another province). Ok…I’m going put you on the spot. Question – If you could see all the movies you want -totally free of charge – for the remainder of your life or have any kind of chocolate at any time (no weigh gain too) and again be totally free of charge for the remainder of your life which would you choose…free movies or free chocolate ?

    PS. Your site is fantastic !

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