My 10 Most Wanted Blu-Rays!!

I’ve realized something horrible… Now that I’m an independent student I can’t just buy movies whenever I want to. Since I’m only staying in America for 1 year I can’t buy too many things either because my suitcase won’t allow it. It’s pretty full as it is. It so sad because I had really managed to catch up with my ever-growing wishlist but now my list will just grow and grow because I’m not able to buy any movies. It’s really sad for a Blu-ray collector. I did however do a list of my 10 most wanted Blu-rays. So these are the ones I would prioritize if I had the space and money. Let’s just get into this beautiful list! My babies, or as Gollum would say: My precious!




Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

maxresdefault1May 1984   Ι   1h 58min   Ι   Steven Spielberg

Indiana Jones, an 11-year-old boy and a singer accidentally arrives in India where they meet starving villagers who suffers from series of bad luck due to a stolen stone. Indiana Jones makes it his mission to find this stone and help the villagers. It’s however not easy to make out who’s the enemy and who’s the friend.

I can honestly say that throughout the movie I didn’t see one place suited for a child. I guess this child was an exception however because he definitely screamed less than the woman Willie did. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is nevertheless an amazing and brilliant movie and it’s über entertaining. I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of it. The story was eventful and exciting. The environment was cool and I loved the elephants. I’m a bit hesitant when it comes to these holy stones though. It just felt quite strange and a tad ridiculous. They did however manage to make the story interesting. When it’s a story about something holy or an object with special powers the movie can derail and become a bit ridiculous or extremely unbelievable but that was not the case with this movie. Everything felt very serious and believable.

Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford was brilliant as always and I’m just loving his character so much. The child Shorty was pretty spot on as well. He was funny and really brave, which I admired. When they add children in action/adventure movies like this one I feel like it’s either a hit or a miss. This was definitely a hit. Shorty was such a fun addition to the whole movie and I don’t think the movie would have been as entertaining or interesting if it wasn’t for him. Jonathan Ke Quan, who played Shorty, was just absolutely fantastic. A character that I wasn’t as impressed with was Willie. It was definitely not because of the actress Kate Capshaw. I just feel like Willie had the wrong characteristics. I would have preferred a strong, brave and fun woman. I didn’t really like all the screaming and that she was so moody. I guess you can not get everything you want. I am however pretty pleased with almost the whole cast. I am also very pleased with the movie and I can just say that this was definitely my cup of tea.

My rating: 7,5/10 🤠


The Accidental Husband (2008)

the-accidental-husband-movie-wallpapers-1February 2008   Ι   1h 30min   Ι   Griffin Dunne

Emma Lloyd is a radio host who discuss love and gives relationship advise, and she herself has a pretty successful and happy relationship. When she one day advises a woman to call of the wedding, the fiancé blames Emma and wants revenge. This gives Emma a series of complications and her relationship may be endangered. 

The Accidental Husband is basically your typical romantic movie but would I ask for something more? No, no I wouldn’t. I love me some cheesy romance with a happily every after ending. This is a fun, eventful and cute movie and I really enjoyed watching it. I am however not the biggest fan of a love triangle because I always want the girl (in this case) to be with both guys. When a love triangle occurs in a movie or tv-show I always wish the person could clone him-/herself so that everyone ended up happy. This movie did not focus very much on the love triangle though, and I’m utterly thankful for that because I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie as much if it were. The movie had overall a great story that really caught my interest.

I really feel like there is something mysterious about Colin Firth. Like he has this innocent look but there’s something mischievous behind it. He’s however a brilliant and a frankly posh actor. I liked his character in this movie, he was very sweet and I actually felt sorry for him quite often. Uma Thurman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were the two people in the spotlight and they were both brilliant. Their characters were really something extra and you could see two different personalities so well. The whole cast was actually pretty great. This is just a chill and funny movie and it’s so enjoyable and easy to watch. I really enjoy movies that will actually make you really happy in the end because movies can affect my mood and watching a movie like this makes me happy. Would watch it again!

My rating: 6,8/10 ❤️


Pulp Fiction (1994)

pulp-fiction-65-1200-1200-675-675-crop-000000May 1994   Ι   2h 34min   Ι   Quentin Tarantino

You can either satisfy the big boss Marsellus Wallace or run for your life, but you probably won’t get far. Just ask Butch because he knows what it feels like to run from the two mob hit men Vincent and Jules. 

You know when you watch a highly rated movie that almost everybody adore and you don’t really think it was that good, well that’s how it is for me with this movie. I am truly sorry for disappointing you but we all have our different tastes in movies and Pulp Fiction wasn’t really my cup of tea. I’m not saying it was bad, I just didn’t love it. I thought the story was a bit messy, it was not hard to understand what was happening but I didn’t enjoy all the jumps between different characters and scenes. I also prefer it when you get to follow one or a group of people throughout the whole movie. In Pulp Fiction I dare not say who the main character was due to the change of stories. However, having different stories that kind of goes together was pretty cool and unique. How the whole movie was presented, having every story connected to each other somehow, was pretty fun and different. I absolutely loved how the beginning and ending tied together.

John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman are playing some of the most important characters in this movie. I would probably say that they played the main characters if I had to choose (so in the end I did dare say it). I loved them all and I think each character was unique and interesting. The movie was also very eventful and I did enjoy the stories. The only problem with having many stories or main characters is that possibly not every story has an ending and every character a closure. They did a really good job with giving us some closures, but I did feel like some characters were omitted. I do feel like I have been a little hard on the movie, I did like it and it was very enjoyable but because it had such high ratings, I had pretty high expectations and they were not really met. Still a good movie and I would recommend it. The ending is also fabulous!

My rating: 6,7/10 🔫


The First Wives Club (1996)

first-wives-clubSeptember 1996   Ι   1h 43min   Ι   Hugh Wilson

After 4 best friends graduate they all go their separate ways and starts to live four very different lives. Years later three of them are reunited because the fourth friend committed suicide. They begin to reconnect and realizes that they all had horrible husbands who left them for younger women. Instead of feeling sad, the three women decides that it’s time for revenge. 

First and foremost I have to mention that suicide is not the way to go. If you feel unhappy you can always talk about it, please do call a helpline because you matter and remember that you are amazing no matter what.

So I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie, I wasn’t even sure if this was a happy or depressing movie. I can say that it’s a little bit of both. The First Wives Club was a bit of a shaky movie for me, sometimes I really enjoyed it and sometimes I found it to be a tad tedious. The main story was very fun and entertaining, I do enjoy movies where the women get together for revenge. Not because I think revenge is the right way to go but because there is often a lot humor involved. I did find this movie to be very funny and a bit crazy. What I didn’t like however was the fact that it took a while before the movie really started and became interesting. The movie had a bit of a tough start. The comedy was however there.

We had three main characters in this movie and I have to say that I’m not very impressed with any of them. Elise was very nonchalant and felt a bit selfish. Annie couldn’t see the truth and was quite lame. Brenda, well I actually liked Brenda. She was confident and strong, maybe a bit of a drama queen from time to time but overall pretty okay. I think the whole cast was totally alright. I didn’t have any favorite character but that’s just fine. I do however feel like the story was of greater importance than the characters. The story stood out more and felt a lot more entertaining. I also really enjoyed the ending, it was truly a perfect ending. It’s overall a very entertaining and interesting movie and I enjoyed it. Probably wouldn’t watch it again but it wasn’t a bad movie.

My rating: 5,9/10 💁


Groundhog Day (1993)

screen-shot-2015-02-03-at-6-38-02-amFebruary 1993   Ι   1h 41min   Ι   Harold Ramis

Phil the weatherman is not the most kind or happy person and having to do a report on Pennsylvania’s Groundhog day is not something Phil likes to do. He struggles throughout the day, and he’s not giving the producer Rita or the cameraman Larry an easy time, but Phil soon realizes that he’s living his worst nightmare because he has to experience Groundhog day over and over again. 

Can I get a high-five for finally watching this? I actually didn’t know what to expect from this movie and now that I’ve finally seen it I can say that it was absolutely alright. The whole story is there and it’s fun to see what Phil will do each day. It’s quite interesting to see how a day can be so different if you just choose to go in a different direction or talk to a different person. I do like these “reliving the day” movies, I believe I have seen a few of them and they are rather funny and eventful, even if it’s basically the same environment throughout the whole movie. The story was very solid indeed.

So the one and only Bill Murray is the main character Phil and he truly is a fabulous actor with great talent. I did however have a tad of a problem with his character Phil. He was quite boring, had no characteristics and he was pretty grumpy. I feel like the purpose with the movie was his character’s development but I actually had a hard time seeing the changes. I just didn’t really believe the new him. The female character Rita was however heartwarming. She was so adorable and I think Andie MacDowell did a great job. I also have to mention one thing that I was very surprised over and that was how depressing the story turned after he had relived the same day a couple of times. Let’s just say that it was not child friendly. It’s overall a good and enjoyable movie, pretty chill to watch as well. For me it was kind of a one time watch movie but I still enjoyed it. Would probably recommend it as well.

My rating: 6,8/10 ⏰


30 Minutes or Less (2011)

302bminutes2bor2bless2bmovieAugust 2011   Ι   1h 23min   Ι   Ruben Fleischer

Nick is a pizza delivery guy who’s not really enjoying life but the tip of the iceberg is when Nick gets kidnapped by two lowlife men. Nick has to either rob a bank or get blown into pieces by the bomb that is stuck on his chest. It’s during this moment Nick is extra thankful that he has his best friend Chet who will stand by his side no matter what. 

This was actually a pretty entertaining movie. Yes it was a ridiculous story and some ridiculous characters, but overall a fun movie. The one thing, or should I say person, that made me watch this movie was Jesse Eisenberg. I think he is such an amazing and talented actor and I always enjoy watching him (in a non creepy way). His character Nick was funny but unfortunately not very special. The person I found more entertaining was Chat, played by Aziz Ansari. He felt like a more unique character and he was very funny. He really brought the comedy to the movie. The two characters I struggled with was Dwayne and Travis. They were stupid but at the same time pretty smart, it kind of didn’t go together. I just didn’t feel like they were very interesting.

The whole story was very weird but somehow entertaining. I think it was so ridiculous that it became entertaining. The story also jumped a lot between scenes and it wasn’t that coherent. I did however laugh at some points and 30 Minutes or Less was a very eventful movie. I feel like it’s one of those short and chill movies to watch and you don’t really have to put much thought into it. It’s easy to understand everything that is going on and the humor makes the movies become less tedious. Although, I’m not sure this is a movie I would want to watch again in the future. I probably could but it’s not really a movie I would get on Blu-ray. It’s however a really nice Sunday movie.

My rating: 6,2/10 🍕