Wonder Woman (2017)

wdwmn_online_master_deflection_4000x2490_master-rev-1June 2017   Ι   2h 21min   Ι   Patty Jenkins

Diana, princess and warrior of the Amazons rescues a man called Steve Trevor. She finds out that there is a war going on between mankind and wants to help Steve stop it by defeating Ares, the God of war. Together with a team, Wonder Woman tries to find Ares and slowly starts to understand all the good and the bad mankind can offer. 

I have only read the first Wonder Woman comic book but I absolutely loved it, so I had quite high expectations of the movie. Along with all the amazing reviews where people have been raving about it. The movie really lived up to my expectations! It was eventful, fun, inspiring, action-packed and so much more. I was a bit worried about the whole World War I story since I’m not the biggest fan of movies about the old wars but Wonder Woman really made it work. I’m not going to lie though, watching movies about World War I & II is not really my cup of tea. Watching Wonder Woman fight however, that was something extra. I was totally amazed because it was so cool and amazing to watch. Every move was just perfect and when she used that lasso, I mean omg. Where can I get that lasso?!

I have to say that I enjoyed the whole cast. Gal Gadot was absolutely brilliant as Wonder Woman. She managed to present this strong, warmhearted hero and I loved both Gal and Wonder Woman. Chris Pine was fantastic as well. I think it was good that his character never took over or became the main focus. He just got the right amount of screen time. I probably just had one problem with the cast and that was the God Ares. To me it felt like he was a bit too old to be this powerful God of war, I was constantly scared that he would break his bones or something because he looked so fragile. The rest of the team was however fantastic and they made the movie more eventful and fun. I liked how they managed to include some humor here and there without it being too much as well. Makes it more enjoyable. So this was a great movie and Wonder Woman is a fantastic and amazing character and I’m so glad we got a whole movie about her.

My rating: 7,5/10 👩


Doctor Who S10E09 Review

p0550gpyJune 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 9   Ι   Wayne Yip

Friday the Ice Warrior is serving a group of the British army after being rescued and brought back to Mars. They manage to wake the empress of Mars and she wants a war. The Doctor and Bill is trying to unite the Ice Warriors and the British army but stubborn people are standing in their way. 

Oh this was an episode for me! Ice Warriors are not common in the newer Doctor Who but they were quite a thing in the classic one. I loved all the episodes with the Ice Warriors from the classic Doc and this species is also one of my favorites. It’s very cool to see how the technology had developed, especially if you look at the first Ice Warrior versus the one in this episode. So the “monsters” were great, the evil & kind humans were great, the Doctor was great and Bill was great. Now I’m just missing Nardole. A bit of a shame that he wasn’t in this episode that much, I really like him. Also a bit of a shame that it wasn’t time for Missy to shine.

I would say that the British army were more in focus than the Doctor and Bill, not much though. That was however fine by me since it makes the episodes less monotonous. There were a good amount of action and fighting in this episode as well. All the references to different movies was absolutely brilliant, loved it. Overall I would say that this episode had a nice balance between everything. I’m just glad we’re done with the Monks to be honest. I’m also glad they went back in the archives and brought back the Ice Warriors. I think it was a great episode! I’m also very interested to see which role Missy will take in this season. We will hopefully soon find out!


Comic Con/London HAUL!

Here is my Comic Con/London haul!! I’m not going to lie, I would have bought so much more at Comic Con if only I had the time, money and space in my suitcase. I was really contemplating on buying the new exclusive “Spider-Man without his mask” POP! Vinyl but my suitcase was too thin for it. I did however get the beautiful steward shirt and I’m going to wear it whenever I go out. Haha well maybe not but it is a really nice memory! The only thing I bought there was the three posters and I was actually looking for them because I saw them the last time I was at Comic Con (which was a year ago) and I regretted not buying them. They had a lot more than just those three but I couldn’t spend a lot of money, otherwise I would have bought plenty more (probably all the Marvel ones they had because they were so darn cool).  The awesome Mickey Mouse shirt I got from Primark, as well as the Gryffindor tote bag. I also did end up buying 27 Dresses and Wedding Crashers at HMV because they are quite hard to find in Sweden and I need to improve my romantic Blu-ray collection.

That is everything! My intention was however not to buy a lot of things during this visit to London, I did not have much time to do so either, but it was more about working at Comic Con and going to the cinema to watch a movie in 4DX. Anyway, here are the stuff!


Working at Comic Con London – My Experience

As you may or may not know, I signed up for volunteer work at MCM Comic Con May 2017. I have never done anything similar before and I’m so glad that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve met some great people by doing this and it has been a great experience! I even think I met my future husband, but it’s hard to tell who he was because he was in a Spider-Man suit. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to share my experience and maybe encourage you to do something similar. I signed up for two days, at different areas and let me just tell you that day 2 was freaking unbelievable!!

Day 1 (autograph area)


Yes, first day! I wasn’t actually that nervous, being the first time I ever volunteer for something like this and my lack of confidence when it comes to speaking English. I had a really hard time finding the office where I was getting the shirt and stuff but after following (or should I say stalking) some people, I found the place. I instantly met some awesome people as well and we were hanging out all day which made this day so fun (instead of me being just alone).

Day one was autograph area and I got to stand by the Power Rangers. It was four of them (Austin St. John, Karan Ashley, David YostWalter Jones). Now you may say I was really lucky to be close to these people but I have never watched a single Power Rangers episode in my life so I had no idea who they were. I do however feel a bit lucky because that was pretty much the only celebrities that showed up (there were maybe two or three more). The area was however so empty because I had the first shift (9:30-2:30) and it was Friday. At least I could breath since the room wasn’t crowded with people. It was a good day, got to stay 40 minutes longer because they didn’t send replacement like they were supposed to and it was kind of tedious to be there but still a cool experience and I’m glad I did it! Got to explore Comic Con after the shift as well and I love seeing all the costumes and merchandise. If you want to hear something cool however, then you should definitely read day two!

Day 2 (photograph area)

So I thought this day was going to be the most boring one because I read that you basically only took bags in the photograph area but I was so extremely lucky and got to have a position where I stood 1 meter from the celebrities and got to show the guests the way out. I feel so lucky for getting that position and being able to be near and talk to actors and actresses. Okay so are you prepared for the people I got to meet? It was Warwick Davis, the old Power Rangers (Austin St. John, Karan Ashley, David YostWalter Jones) and I even got a hug from Karan because I complimented her shoes, Donnie Yen, NCIS:LA stars Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen and they were so friendly and amazing (definitely the best at interacting with fans out of all the people I saw), Nichelle Nichols, Catherine Tate who said I could call her mommy after I asked her if she could adopt me and K.J. Apa who also agreed to be my best friend. One really cool thing that happened as well was when Scott Adkins had his photo session and I looked behind me and there, no less than 1 meter, stood Luke freaking Mitchell!!!! I mean what?!?! Fangirled a little there because he’s so awesome.

I’m definitely telling you that day 2 was by far the best day and I will forever remember it. Meeting all the actors and actresses was such a fun experience and I’m so lucky and thankful that I got to do it. I did not unfortunately get to go and enjoy Comic Con on the second day because I was at the photograph area all day but that’s okay since I got to look around during day one. After this whole experience I would definitely say that I would do it again, because it was awesome. Meeting so many people with the same interest as you is also fantastic! Keep an eye out for an upcoming Comic Con/London haul as well!


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

rich_potc5_header_1_c96068b3May 2017   Ι   2h 9min   Ι   Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg

Captain Salazar is after the pirate who cursed him and his crew and the only way to break the curse is to find Jack Sparrow. Meanwhile, Henry Turner is also looking for the legendary Jack Sparrow so he can help him search for the Trident of Poseidon, which is the only thing that will break his fathers curse. They get the most needed help from a woman called Carina, who is also looking for the Trident of Poseidon.

The excitement I felt when I heard there would be a new Pirates of the Caribbean and that Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly would return. I absolutely love Will and Elizabeth and the fact that we got to follow their son who is also played by Brenton Thwaites (whom I adore) was amazing. Jack Sparrow is also an icon character and even if he was a bit more drunk than I would have preferred, he still made me enjoy the movie so much. I think it was a shame that Will and Elizabeth were in the movie for a very very very short time but I’m so glad they got a closure. In fact, plenty of characters got that closure that they needed which was great. I have to say that I did love the cast and the villain Salazar was so cool.

One thing I felt was missing in this movie was a thrilling and entertaining story. The beginning and the middle was fun but I never felt glued to the screen and it had some tedious scenes. It also felt like there were quite a lot of forced humor. Don’t get me wrong, some jokes were on point but some just felt way too forced. When the movie reached its ending however… let me just say WOW!! It was so exciting and just amazing, I did really love the whole ending and it made me like the movie a lot more. The last thing I also need to mention is the graphics, just brilliant! It made the move so cool and enjoyable, they really did a great job there. As a whole, I would say that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was a good movie, it had its flaws but I enjoyed most of it.

My rating: 6,9/10 💀


Doctor Who S10E08 Review

doctor-who-10-08-the-lie-of-the-land-doctorJune 2017   Ι   Season 10   Ι   Episode 8   Ι   Wayne Yip

The Monks start to change the human history so that the people will believe that they are the rulers and that they are the best thing that happened to the human race. It’s a dictatorship and Bill is the key to stopping the lies and the Monks. With some help from an old enemy, the Doctor, Bill and Nardole tries to figure out just how to stop the Monks and save earth. 

The last episode in the Monks trilogy, and maybe even the best one out of the three. I’m a big fan of the whole “people have been mind controlled and live in a world of lies” plot and it was a really nice and enjoyable touch to this episode.  One thing that was a bit meh for me however was the beginning, because it didn’t feel like the continuation of the previous episode. It’s nice that the Doctor got his sight back though, got to appreciate that!

I liked Bill in this episode as well. She took a step forward and became even more brave. I also enjoyed that she got to see Missy, and the fact that Missy’s not quite good yet. I feel like we need an evil Missy, at least for some more episodes, then she can become good. It was however quite an enjoyable episode. The Monks were not in it as much as they have been in the previous two episodes and I’m actually okay with that since they’re not the most entertaining species in the universe. I’m just glad we are getting something new next week. I miss the sound of the Tardis! One of my favorite Doctor Who villain/monster will also appear, the Ice Warriors.



Have you ever watched a movie and thought “I absolutely can’t see these two being with someone else”. I think the first time I truly felt that way was when I watched High School Musical. Troy and Gabriella were meant to be, no doubt about it. As I got older I fell for the more passionate love, like in The Notebook. As I was watching The Notebook, the only thing I could think about was how Noah and Allie were the one true couple and I just could not see them with others, they were meant for each other. There are plenty of fantastic movie couples but I made a list of my top 5 ones, and I’m 100% sure I’ve missed someone but I do think these five are prefect, and they are in no particular order!

#1 Noah and Allie

Well I don’t think this was a surprise since I just mentioned them, haha. I do truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone and I think this movie shows that we all have our soul mate. Noah and Allie are just a perfect couple and you can really see how big their love is for each other.

#2 Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

I say Peter and Gwen but do I actually mean Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone? Maybe Peter and Gwen were so perfect and passionate for each other because Andrew and Emma was together in real life. Nevertheless, the way Peter and Gwen feel for each other is just beautiful and I love the two of them in The Amazing Spider-Man.

#3 Sandy and Danny

Iconic couple? I just really like the whole badass falls in love with a good girl thing. It also feels like they found each other and that it is an endless love.

#4 Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Could you actually imagine Superman with someone but Lois? I definitely can’t. If two people were meant to be together it’s these two. I’m not just thinking about Man of Steel now either, take any Superman movie or TV-show.

#5 Will and Elizabeth

One of my all time favorite couple. Will and Elizabeth are perfect for each other and I think they always knew that. They just constantly show us how much they care for each other and what they would sacrifice for one another. Got to love them!!