Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

maxresdefaultMarch 2018   Ι   1h 51min   Ι   Steven S. DeKnight

Jake Pentecost is the son of the famous Mr. Pentecost who saved the world and died in the battle. When he gets into trouble, Jake is sent back to lead Jaeger pilots in case the aliens comes back but he and the troops are unexpectedly facing the creatures they once thought they defeated. This is Jake’s moment to show himself what a hero he can be.

I might have made a bad mistake of watching this movie and not having seen the first Pacific Rim in quite a while, well a couple of years. So I did have my question mark moments. Well what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (however that works in this context). Nevertheless, Pacific Rim: Uprising did not let me down. I might have to start with saying that I loved the first Pacific Rim movie and I love these robot fighting movies where the humans are the ones fighting in the robots, that’s my style.

The story was maybe not top-notch, it had some predictable moments and it was a little bit dull but other than that I have to say that the characters really impressed me, the visual effects were awesome and the overall movie was intriguing. Jake Pentecost was such a funny and interesting character to follow and I really enjoyed watching him. Seeing him with Nate (who I do not remember, have we ever seen him before or am I just behind in life?) was quite funny. Liked the girl Amara Namani too.

Overall an enjoyable movie and it was my cup of tea. I can imagine other people liking different stuff but I found this movie to be very entertaining and interesting. I’ve also been waiting for so long for a sequence to the first Pacific Rim movie so I’m very happy.

My rating: 7/10