Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)

4107552November 2017   Ι   1h 40min   Ι   Sean Anders

Guess who’s back, it’s Buddy the Elf! Well, with a little less green, and not as Santa’s elf. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg is back again with a Christmas special. In Daddy’s Home 2 we get to meet Brad and Dusty’s fathers and just like these two dads, they are the complete opposite. Brad and Dusty have to work hard to keep the peace they’ve managed to hold but will their fathers be naughty or nice?

Daddy’s Home was a hilarious movie and I really enjoyed it. So I had pretty high expectations for this movie, especially since I’m obsessed with Christmas as well. Unfortunately I have to say that Daddy’s Home 2 didn’t impress me very much. It almost felt like they tried to hard which made it less funny. I believe that the amount of extra characters also made it a little crowded and messy.

Although, I did find some scenes to be hilarious and very uplifting which was really nice. I also adore Will Ferrell and to me that’s a big bonus as well. I probably wouldn’t say this was his best performance but I would definitely say that he did a good job. The movie also had some mini twists and I really enjoyed that. These types of movies can very often be quite predictable so it’s fun to be surprised from time to time.

Overall I can’t say I have many opinions regarding this movie. It was neither bad nor good, just totally okay. They tried and that’s always something. Although, now I want a really funny and good Christmas movie for December 2018, preferably with Will Ferrell.

My rating: 5.5/10




p05nrwnrDecember 2017   Ι   Season 11   Ι   Episode 00   Ι   Rachel Talalay

In this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special we get to follow the 12th Doctor and the 1st Doctor on their adventure through the galaxy. Joined by the Captain and Bill, they all find themselves standing face to face with some rather see through aliens. 

If you didn’t know, I kind of live for Doctor Who and I believe it was a little more than a year ago that I decided to go back to 1963 (not literally unfortunately, haven’t mastered time travel yet),  and watch all the 26 seasons and the movie to get the full Doctor Who experience. It took me a really long time, but oh was it worth it. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear that they were bringing back the 1st Doctor for this years Christmas episode, even though I knew it wouldn’t be my 1st Doctor (since William Hartnell is no longer with us). As one who has experienced quite a lot of the 1st Doctor, I am a little disappointed over how he was portrayed because I didn’t really feel like it was the 1st Doctor. I do however think it was a great attempt and a brilliant idea.

So getting into the whole plot I have to say that I’m a tad disappointed. I want more Christmas!! The Doctor Who Christmas specials I’ve enjoyed the most have been the ones that reminded me of Christmas. I can not say this one did. To this day I have to say that A Christmas Carol with Matt Smith is my absolute favorite Christmas special because that one felt like Christmas.

To my surprise, I found the Captain to be a very fascinating character and even if he might have had a smaller role, he put much to the story. Seeing Bill again was also very pleasant, even if her purpose might have been a tad vague. The aliens were also quite a question mark for me and I had a hard time seeing their purpose and/or threat as well.

The whole episode itself was very intriguing and emotional. I feel like we had characters being emotional from all sides and I really enjoyed that because it felt like this episode needed to be more emotional  due to Peter Capaldi’s goodbye. The last scene with him was also marvelous and they really managed to write the grand speech for the 12th Doctor. They captured one of the Doctors great qualities, which is delivering an amazing speech.

I am really looking forward to seeing the 13th Doctor now and I think she is going to do a brilliant job. Jodie Whittaker, take us by storm.

My rating: 7/10


10 Best Blu-rays I Bought 2016


I’m not going to lie… This year, I developed a “buying movies” addiction and I have managed to increase my movie collection quite a bit if I may say so myself. I just really want to own so many movies and I still have so many that I want. My goal is to have a wall full of Blu-rays and be able to have every single movie that I love. So for this post I thought I would share my top 10 favorite movies I bought this year. It was so hard to choose since I only tend to buy movies I love but I managed. So here’s the 10 movies I’m very proud to own!

Hercules (1997)- One of Disney’s best movies, in my opinion!

Cinderella (2015) – This is one of my all time favorite movies because it’s so magical and brilliant! I was looking at it so often online, so I was very happy when I bought it.

Delivery Man (2013) – Not necessarily my favorite movie but this is the movie that I was most excited to find on sale this year. I was very disappointed because I couldn’t find it online, or if I did it was very expensive. So when I magically saw this one at a store for around 2 dollar I became so happy (last one as well).

Fred Claus (2007) – Favorite Christmas movie that I watch every year, just had to have it!

Arthur Christmas (2011) – Same goes for this one, the graphics are also amazing in Blu-ray!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015) – The reason why this one is special and in my top 10 is because it’s the last one in the series. I have bought this series on Blu-ray every single year and now I’m finished. Feels a little sad but good at the same time.

The Flash (season 1) – I decided that I really wanted to include a TV-show because I haven’t really bought many before but it’s something I really want to do because I love watching series. The risky thing with series however is that they can turn very bad, and that can happen very quickly. I do however believe in The Flash and therefore decided to go for it.

Ant-Man (2015) – This is also a special one because it’s my first steelbook. I really want more steelbooks but they are so expensive. Since I like this movie so much and the cover was so awesome, I thought I could give it some extra money (it was also on sale). I hope my steelbook collection will increase because they are so cool.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015) – It’s just a brilliant movie and I’m really looking forward to getting the whole Star Wars collection (it’s terrible that I don’t have the other movies, very sad).

Doctor Who (season 5) – Oh this is pure love. I’m obsessed with Doctor Who and I really want the whole series but season five was the first one I got and it’s probably my favorite.