Love, Simon (2018)

5aaace669b89eMarch 2018   Ι   1h 50min   Ι   Greg Berlanti

Simon is just a normal teenage boy with a happy family and fantastic friends, but he has a secret. He’s gay. He starts emailing with Blue, whose secrets they both share. Trying to hide a secret is however not the easiest, especially not when Simon is being blackmailed.

This, if anything, is such a lovely movie. I truly enjoy the feel good movies and Love, Simon is just in that category. For being a quite normal and often mentioned topic, I have to say that I have not very often seen “coming out” movies. Tv-series, a lot, but not really movies. I believe that’s a reason why this movie really got me as well, because it didn’t feel like a “oh haven’t we seen this a billion times”.

The main character Simon is quite normal, with a dreamy family we all wish for and amazing friends. There is actually not a lot of things that makes this character special or unique (rather than being homosexual, which I would say is not too special or unique but rather just human). The actor Nick Robinson did a great job in my eyes and I think all the characters and the story in general presented something of a reality most of us can relate to, and that’s just lovely.

There are a lot of cheesy scenes and the end is beautiful but the fact that a group of teenagers is cheering on Simon while his night and shining armor may or may not ride in is just a bit too cheesy, or very romantic, who knows. Either way, this movie is absolutely lovely and it’s definitely worth watching at least once.

My rating: 7.5/10 



The Light Between Oceans (2016)

the-light-between-oceansSeptember 2016   Ι   2h 13min   Ι    Derek Cianfrance

1920 the lighthouse keeper Tom marries the local girl Isabel. They both want children but suffer two terrible losses, until one day when a rowboat arrives containing a child. They start to care for the girl and treat her as their own but complications occurs when the real mother starts searching for her child. Will the actual truth come out? 

I cried so much when the movie reached its end, I just couldn’t stop crying. I feel like I left a puddle of water behind. The funny part is that it’s not The Notebook sad, it’s actually a rather heartwarming and happy movie, with a lot of emotions. I believe The Light Between Oceans is based on a book and I haven’t read it but I heard that the movie was pretty accurate to the book. I think it was a pretty darn good movie. It was a bit slow, didn’t really have a lot of environment changes and there was no action going on but it was very peaceful watching it. It had that peaceful atmosphere and that was actually quite relaxing.

The romance was beautiful. Even if Tom and Isabel’s relationship felt pretty rushed, it was still heartwarming and I do feel like they were meant to be. Michael Fassbender plays Tom and I do feel like he does a great job, even if his character is pretty plain. I do however love Michael a lot and I think he is a brilliant actor. However, the person that stood out the most and shocked me the most was my fellow Swede Alicia Vikander. I mean, I knew she was a great actress but this good, that I did not know. She was absolutely brilliant as Isabel, she delivered so many emotions perfectly and I’m just taken away by her performance. Rachel Weisz did not have as big of a part in this movie but she was pretty spot on too. Great cast indeed! The Light Between Oceans is overall a great, emotion packed movie and it is truly worth watching. I would definitely recommend you to see it.

My rating: 7/10 ❤️



Have you ever watched a movie and thought “I absolutely can’t see these two being with someone else”. I think the first time I truly felt that way was when I watched High School Musical. Troy and Gabriella were meant to be, no doubt about it. As I got older I fell for the more passionate love, like in The Notebook. As I was watching The Notebook, the only thing I could think about was how Noah and Allie were the one true couple and I just could not see them with others, they were meant for each other. There are plenty of fantastic movie couples but I made a list of my top 5 ones, and I’m 100% sure I’ve missed someone but I do think these five are prefect, and they are in no particular order!

#1 Noah and Allie

Well I don’t think this was a surprise since I just mentioned them, haha. I do truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone and I think this movie shows that we all have our soul mate. Noah and Allie are just a perfect couple and you can really see how big their love is for each other.

#2 Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

I say Peter and Gwen but do I actually mean Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone? Maybe Peter and Gwen were so perfect and passionate for each other because Andrew and Emma was together in real life. Nevertheless, the way Peter and Gwen feel for each other is just beautiful and I love the two of them in The Amazing Spider-Man.

#3 Sandy and Danny

Iconic couple? I just really like the whole badass falls in love with a good girl thing. It also feels like they found each other and that it is an endless love.

#4 Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Could you actually imagine Superman with someone but Lois? I definitely can’t. If two people were meant to be together it’s these two. I’m not just thinking about Man of Steel now either, take any Superman movie or TV-show.

#5 Will and Elizabeth

One of my all time favorite couple. Will and Elizabeth are perfect for each other and I think they always knew that. They just constantly show us how much they care for each other and what they would sacrifice for one another. Got to love them!!