Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

kingsman-the-golden-circle-et00040848-04-10-2016-03-50-14September 2017   Ι   2h 21min   Ι   Matthew Vaughn

Eggsy is back again and this time one of his biggest missions is to impress his girlfriends parents, and it’s not the easiest to impress the king of Sweden. Meanwhile, missiles are being launched over all of Kingsman’s headquarters by the largest drug cartel leader. She is about to cause millions of deaths and it’s up to the Kingsman and some surprising companions to save the world.

I’ve been so excited for this movie and it feels so good to have finally seen it. I just have to say that it’s some amazing cinematography work and the visuals are stunning. The environments of  Kingsman: The Golden Circle were extraordinary, so beautiful and overall pleasant to look at. Made the movie more happy. Just absolutely brilliant.

When it comes to the movie itself I have to say that I am very pleased. It was a fun and enjoyable movie with the love of my life, Taron Egerton. I mean, that man is fantastic. I really liked that his character Eggsy also had a love interest throughout the whole movie. For me it’s so fun when it’s about Sweden, because Sweden is not a big country that gets mentioned a lot and when it does I’m like “yes I’m from there and I know what they are saying”.

It was also very nice to see Channing Tatum. However, I thought he would have a bigger role, which he didn’t and that was quite disappointing. I really enjoyed Julianne Moore as the villain but I think they introduced her to Eggsy and his companions very late. I would have preferred to see the conflict between good and evil sooner. Another thing that seems to be a trend with the Kingsman movies is that people die rather easily. Or am I the only one who thinks that?

Overall I think it’s a very enjoyable movie and there’s a good balance between humor, love, action and friendship. I really can’t get over the visuals though, absolutely stunning. This is a movie that’s going in my wishlist.


My rating: 7.8/10




London Has Fallen (2016)

1467201949-7876cea16c743b1ae0511f69402670bbf17fe79dMarch 2016   Ι   1h 39min   Ι   Babak Najafi

After the death of the United Kingdom’s prime minister, the U.S. president travels to London to pay his respect. He is accompanied by the agent Mike Banning whose mission is to save the president from the series of terrorist attacks that are occurring in London. It’s a bloodbath and getting the president in safety, away from the terrorist Barkawi who is behind it all, turn out to be one of the most difficult tasks of all time.

This movie has some great actors and actresses. First of all, Morgan Freeman, what a legend. I can’t say that his role in this movie was very big, and he mostly sat in a chair but I still dig him quite a lot. I would say the star of the show was Gerard Butler. He was so good. Aaron Eckhart was pretty good as well but nothing can beat his performance as Harvey Dent in Batman. One person, other than Gerard, that I was really fond of was Angela Bassett, I liked her character and I think she did a great job.

However, I have to say that London Has Fallen wasn’t a hit for me. It was a tad too monotonous, too dark and quite predictable. I liked the action and the fight scenes but I feel like my attention slipped a lot and that’s never a good sign. I wouldn’t say the movie was bad, just not my cup of tea. Unfortunately not one I would watch again.

My rating: 5.5/10


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017)

OLF'S FROZEN ADVENTURENovember 2017   Ι   22min   Ι   Kevin Deters & Stevie Wermers

Is it just me or is Disney really milking Frozen? I think it’s a fun idea to make these shorts but we have already seen a Frozen short film. I would appreciate it more if Disney would have done one with Tangled. Wait, imagine if they did one with Hercules. That would be absolutely amazing. I think it might be difficult to find the people who did the voices though.  I mean, Frozen is really entertaining as well and I’m actually quite pleased with this short film.

Olaf is on the hunt for traditions because Anna and Elsa never grew up with any Christmas traditions. I think it’s a really fun plot and Olaf is such a good character. He is definitely a hit amongst the children but I have to say that he also melted my heart. The little snowman is funny, caring and Josh Gad is phenomenal.

The songs were very good as well. I like how there is a variety of people who sing, not just Olaf because it makes the short a little more eventful and not just about one single character throughout the 22 minutes.

I wish we could have seen a bit more of Kristoff because I really like that character. Preferably seeing him with Anna as well because I feel like we’ve been seeing way to little of the two of them. Other than that I must say that it’s a very enjoyable short and they managed to include some great songs.