The Post (2017)

5a4ee78c24653December 2017   Ι   1h 56min   Ι   Steven Spielberg

It’s a battle between the press and the government, and every newspaper wants to report the latest news first. Kay Graham is doing everything she can to uphold her dead husband’s company but it’s not easy to be the country’s first female newspaper publisher.

I didn’t know much about this movie before I watched it but I thought that if both Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep were in this movie, it must be great. Oh yeah I might have been a tad wrong. I’m really starting to see how true story movies are not my thing at all. If you’ve been following me for a while you might be aware that I’m not really fond of true story movies and Oscar nominated movies. I can say that I have not improved because this movie was so freaking boring.

To me, the characters were pretty dull but I really liked Meryl Streep’s character Kay Graham most of the time but the other characters didn’t really interest me. Now the fact that men thought a woman couldn’t be their boss is just absurd, and you know the fact that it’s based on a true story makes it worse because it shows how oppressed one can be at work just because one is a certain gender.

When it comes to the story in general I guess it was pretty interesting sometimes, well almost never but it had its moments. I just didn’t think this was a very interesting or enjoyable movie to watch and it went in a very slow pace which was just quite boring. I am unfortunately not going to watch this movie again but I really do hope some of you enjoyed it more.

My rating: 4/10



Ready Player One (2018)

ready-player-one-new-poster-1March 2018   Ι   2h 20min   Ι   Steven Spielberg

When the real world isn’t enough, one human being created the OASIS. A virtual reality world where people can be any character they want. When the master mind of the world dies, he leaves a mission to find three keys and the person who wins will inherit the OASIS and all the money that comes with it, and the young man Wade decides to do whatever it takes to win.

I was so excited for this movie because it looked so freaking cool and I can’t really say that I am disappointed, maybe just a tad. It’s a really cool movie and the graphics and visual effects are stunning. However, it was too much animation compared to the real world. I thought we would see the main character Wade more in his real life, not virtual life. It was really cool to see his character in the OASIS (the virtual reality world) and I do understand that his character there might be more important or can do much more than Wade himself can do. I just believe the movie would have been better if he got to see some personal things or see something from his childhood that connects us more to him.

Other than that, I just have to say that the movie was really interesting. The mission to find the 3 keys was intriguing and I loved following the journey to finding the clues and figuring out the next step. Could the movie have been shorter? Well, probably. Did I still enjoy it? Most definitely. The main characters were really interesting and charismatic as well and I really liked them all. The villain was a bit dull but I’ll buy it, he did an okay job.

Overall I have to say that the movie was really cool and unique and I enjoyed watching it. Not the biggest fan of gaming or gaming movies but this one was definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen. It was however too long for me and that’s probably a reason why I wouldn’t pick this movie to watch again.

My rating: 6.8/10


An Old Indiana Jones, a Crystal Skull & Aliens – Movie Review

40449May 2008   Ι   2h 2min   Ι   Steven Spielberg

Betrayed by his old friend, Indiana Jones travels to Peru with Mutt Williams to find Mutt’s missing mother and Harold Oxley. They become captured by the Soviets and finds both Oxley and Mutt’s mother Marion. Now Indiana Jones and the rest of the team has to take a crystal skull back to where it belongs and escape the Soviets who wants all the power the crystal skull holds. As usual, it’s not an easy task. 

Tips from the coach, don’t watch a movie and then wait a month to review it because it’s going to be really hard to remember what happened. I do however remember that Indiana Jones was not as gorgeous this time, he’s actually getting older and slower. Wait time does that to you? I do have to say that this was probably my least favorite out of the four Indiana Jones movies. The movie was very predictable, I’m not going to spoil anything but when they reviled some things I was like “THAT WAS SO OBVIOUS”. I do also feel like the whole story overall was a tad messy and just weird. It was too much Sci-Fi, which is weird to say because I love Sci-Fi, but Indiana Jones is more about adventure (according to me).

I did like all the characters, even if most of them had too extreme personalities. Like Irina Spalko (played by Cate Blanchett) was a pretty cool character but so over the top when it came to the accent and the way she acted. Harrison Ford was okay I guess, he wasn’t bad but he wasn’t brilliant, like he used to be. The new character Mutt was also interesting but I’m not quite sure what I thought about him. His personality was a bit special and not really my cup of tea. However, one thing I really did enjoy was the environment. Really cool and enjoyable. Overall I have to say that the movie was quite enjoyable and interesting but I wasn’t really sold on the story. No the best Indiana Jones movie.

My rating: 6/10 🤠